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Health Insurance

Health Insurance is on everybody's minds these days! The isses of "pre-exisitng conditions" and the ever increasing costs of medicine and medical procedures have left a foul taste in everyones mouth! With the public option hanging over everybodies head, no one knows whether we are in for: an improvement, or worsening of the Health care environment in this country. But that does not change the fact that everyone needs health insurance! So, if you are not currently covered by a government program, I hope I can be of some service in protecting you against a financial calamity that a serious healthcare issue would cause in your life.
The least expensive form of Health insurance is generally to obtain it through your place of employment. But if you work part time, or work for a very small business that may not be an option. For young people, who are generaly healthy, and would rather spend their resources on other things, not carrying Health Insurance can seem like a risk they are willing to take. But, if you do not have Health Insurance, and ever have a serious Health issue, the cost of treatment for that can put you into years of debt and financial hardship. "Catastrophic" protection policies are reasonably affordable, and will put a cap on your loss exposure. If you have a family, it is a parental responsibility to make certain your children are protected from somewhere! Either the government if you can't afford or obtain due to health reasons, or through a health insurance broker, such as myself. Please keep in mind, you always need to buy insurance BEFORE you need it! With Health Insurance it will be too late if you don't!
Despite the negative and cynical portrayal of Health Insurance carriers, they have not grown to become the major supplier of choice to millions of Americans for their health insurance protection, by treating their customers badly! It does not get much press, but most Americans are satisfied with their Health Insurance and not demanding "Change"!
Please call me if you have questions, or would ike to get a quote for you and/or your family?